Our Program is Working...
...and we need the resources to expand our facility to create...

SerenityStar Ranch
Smithville, Texas
Just minutes from our central location in downtown Smithville, SerenityStar has 10 acres in the process of being developed into a beautiful healing ranch. Currently, three buildings are on the land. They serve as residences for those in our Men’s, Women's & Family programs.
Our next vision for the ranch property is that of a 10,000 square foot community building. This would house our dining hall, a resource/computer room, library and an arts & crafts room as well as give us much-needed space for our ever-expanding schedule of meetings and classes which are open to the public as well as our resident community.
The Men's Residence includes a living room, three bathrooms, full kitchen and an 1,800 sq. foot open dorm that comfortably accommodates 23 beds. Live-in staff "House Dads" have a separate bedroom.
The Women's Residence comfortably houses 13 women in 2500 sq. ft. with two bathrooms, a full kitchen & living area.
The Family Residence serves to accommodate 5 families (including children) in 3500 sq. ft.


Housing for 5 families, 50 men and 50 women
Cafe/Dining Hall: culinary & nutrition classes, bakery & garden
Freedom House: 12-step meetings & game room
Play House: theatre, art, music, writing & more
Serenity House: a place for private prayer/meditation
Compassion House: yoga, massage, acupuncture and other 
Healing House: 1:1 counseling & group family counseling   
Dignity House: library, computer skills, & clothes closet 
Earth House: green & eco-friendly alternative energy program
Farm House: animal therapy/ Serenity P.A.W.S Program (Pets Are Worth Saving)
Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel and Diversified Prayer Garden
SerenityStar Recovery
111 NW 1st St.
Smithville, TX  78957
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