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SerenityStar provides a safe, sober & spiritual environment for families to recover from their addictions.
"Are you looking to reconnect with your spirit?"
We are a peer-to-peer program of recovery. SerenityStar grew out of the need for sustainable recovery. Many
of us in this program have spent a lifetime getting clean and then losing it. We began to look at what did not work
for us and then filled the holes in our program giving birth to SerenityStar Recovery. We are not a treatment center. We are a group of recovering addicts and alcoholics who are working a 12-step program alongside alternative healing methods and have been called into purpose. As a result, we are open to offering our experience, strength and hope to the next addict in want.
This is a spiritual (not religious) program. Our six-month to one-year program is not so much chemical dependency treatment as it is a community of addicts devoted to finding our personal path and discovering our purpose in recovery. In such a community we are able to practice on a daily basis the skills and develop the relationships we need for sustainable recovery. We are committed to healing mind, body and spirit - the authentic person. We are different because we put your recovery back into your hands. We are not responsible for your growth or healing - you are - but we will show you what has worked for us and give suggestions on how to live differently. Our staff is comprised entirely of the SerenityStar founders and former clients. All of whom continue to work their programs and make their homes here.
     - A free program         
       - A work program           
- A sober living home 
         - A detox/medical facility         
- A mental health facility
- A shelter/temporary housing
SerenityStar offers six-month to one-year men's, women's and family transformational programs (inpatient/residential) including:
- Personalized Programs
- Family Support
- 12 Step Sober Support
- 1:1 Peer Counseling
- Yoga and Meditation
- Service and Purpose
- Alternative Healing
- Child Within
- Community Living
- Referrals to Other Agencies
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