Sponsor A Person In The Program

$1,500 per month per person 


Mattress Covers & Bedding

25 twin size mattress covers 

Twin sheets & pillow cases 



H.E.B., Brookshire Brothers & Walmart cards allow us to stay abreast of our immediate needs.



Any or all could be put to productive use but vans or any other vehicle capable of carrying 7+ people would be especially appreciated.


Gas Cards

7/11, Brookshire Brothers, H.E.B., Shell 



We are constantly short of 12-step recovery literature as our program grows. AA, NA & CoDA books are particularly needed.


Office Supplies 

Ongoing needs include general office, blank notebooks, computers (Win7 or later, Mac OSX), printer ink (HP 564XL). Gift cards from Bastrop Copier, Staples or Best Buy are always appreciated!


Wish List 

Many have asked how they could help. Listed below are some ways in which you would be able to make a difference. Please know that if you have an idea or way to support SerenityStar that is not listed please contact us. 

Thank you & Blessings

-the SerenityStar Family 

Name WomenSize/AgeNeed/Favorite Color

LisaSmall/29 Yrs./Size 6(shoe)Love Knot Earrings, Winter Boots, Long Sleeved Shirts, Anything Longhorns

Emily 32 yrs./Medium/Medium/Size 8(shoe)Winter Coat, Anything Dallas Cowboys, Long Sleeved Shirts Winter Boots/Black

(Son) Gabriel Adult Small/12 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys and Xbox One Games 

Fay Rae Large/Size 11/Size 8(shoe)Boots, Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Son) Shadoe 10 yrs./ 10 kidsAnything Dallas Cowboys

(Son) Sphinx8 yrs. Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Daughter) Shady7 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Daughter) Shloe6 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Son) Stryker5 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Daughter) Shia 4 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Daughter) Saber3 yrs.Anything Dallas Cowboys

(Son) Stowick1 yr.Anything Dallas Cowboys

Jammie Shirt LG/Pants XLLoves to sew, Sewing Materials

(Daughter) Ahna12 yrs.Diary or Journal

(Son) Jeremiah16 yrs.St. Christopher Necklance 

Anna 30 yrs/small/Size 6(shoe)Shoes, Winter Boots/Black

Nikki28 yrs./XL/Size 8(shoe)San Diego Chargers, Jacket, Sweaters, Gloves and Socks/Blue/Black

Molly27 yrs./Medium(7/8)/Size 9(shoe)Sneakers/Teal, Black and Pink

(Son) Kadin Luke8 yrs/ Size 12 Kids/ Size 7(shoe)Shoes, Clothes/Orange, Green and Red

(Son) Johnny Luke5 yrs./ Size 5T/ Size 11 Kids(shoe)Shoes, Clothes/ Black and Yellow

(Son) James Luke3 yrs./ Size 4T/ Size 10 Kids(shoe)Shoes, Clothes/Blue and Green

(Daughter) EmberleeNewbornAnything Girly, Blankets

MaggieMedium/Size 8(shoe) Siracha, Tabasco, Boots/Black or Brown

JordanSmall-Medium/Size 6(shoe)Spa Bath Robe/Spa Slippers

(Daughter) ZayleighNewbornNewborn Baby Items

AshleySmall/Medium Essential Oil Difuser for Car & essential oils 

(Son) Dakota5 yrs./5TChildrens' DVD's

NicoleMedium/Size 7/8(clothes)Clothes, Jeans/White

ElaineArtCalligraphy Set with Ink and Paper/blues harmonica/acrylic paints and gesso 

KristinSmall/Size 3/5(clothes)Winter Coat/Green

Avyn3 yrs./3TAnything Cars

HeatherMedium/MediumPurple leggings, leg warmers, essential oil, loves horses 

(Son) Aiden 6 yrs./6TLoves Anything Football

DebbEssential Oils

Juliesize 7.5(shoe)Socks and Shoes/Black

GinaCandles, Essential Oils, Scarves/Any Color

(Son) Reece14 yrs.UT Sweatshirt 0r T-shirt (men's small) 

DanielleEssential Oils, Scarves or Candles

(Son) Marshall4 yrs./4TAnything Super Heroes

Name MenSize/AgeNeed/Favorite Color

Chris S.Size 13Wool Socks/Blue

Lars32-34(pants) pants 34 waist, sweaters large, shoes 10-11 scarfs any colors

(Daughter) Addisonanything barbie 

Jason M. BeadsBeads and Jewelry Kit/Blue, Red and Green

(Daughter) Lynzey7 yrs./7TGirly Stuff/Sky Blue, Pink

HicksSize 9Wool Socks 

JackSize LargeAnything Camo

(Nephew) Jeffery5 yrs./5TBoys Toys/Rodeo Plastic Animals(Horses or Bulls)

DamionNative Flute

StevenRocks, Crystals and Cage, Philosophy Books

RenSize 32-34(pants)Black Jeans, Jogger(pants) and Skate Board/Dark Green

SladeSewing Machine and Material/Gillette Razors/Purple

Chris H.Size 10.5(shoe)Crystals, Beanies or Shoes/Grey, Seafoam Green

Justin MediumOBEY Hoodie, OBEY Beanie, Amythyst/Purple

JessieLargeHoodie(Volcom/DC Style)/Black

(Daughter) Iris8 yrs./8TLoves Pokemon, 3DS Games

Dave Crystals

RockyYoga Mat/Black

ZachSize 9(shoe)/MediumSleeping Mask/ Grey or Black 

NerakCrossword Puzzles and Historical Books

BriggsEnglish Breakfast Tea

KorbinHot Chocolate/Green

Marcel LargeShirts/Any Color

Paige1 yr./1TClothes and Toys

(Son) Whyatt2 yrs./2TClothes and Toys

WayneXXLargeHot Sauce, Jacket/Blue

(Daughter) Levi3 yrs./3TClothes, Toys, Anything Girly

(Daughter) Syd4 yrs./ 4TClothes,Toys, Anything Girly

JacksonSet of Good Ink Pens

(Daughter) Sonora9 monthsClothes and Toys

(Daughter) Rylie2 yrs./2TClothes and Toys

TutSize Large/Size 10(shoe, boot, wide)Boots or Work Jacket

DavidXXLargeClothes or Anything Black

Charlie L.MediumAmazon or Barnes and Noble Card, Books/Green

ScottXlarge Top/32-34(pants)Track or Jogging Pants, Sweatshirt

MikeLargeGreen or Blue

(Daughter) Meaghan16 yrs.Loves Anything Horses


(Daughter) Myer3 yrs./3TToys and Clothes

(Son) Jax)6 yrs./6TToys and Clothes

Hayden MediumAnything Camo

Bryan XlargeSpa Slippers and Spa Robe

Michael Anything MusicalAnything Musical

Cole LargeAnything Camo

Mickey Broom, Garbage Can, Pots and Pans, Utensiles