Nourishment for Body and Soul

September 2013

Comfort Café in Smithville relies on good food and good hearts to help sustain rehabilitation center

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The Bastrop Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Banquet

February 20, 2015

“A Night You’ll Remember” was the theme for this year’s Bastrop Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Banquet held on Valentine’s night, Feb. 14 at the Bastrop Convention Center. Over 300 people enjoyed a romantic evening as the convention center was beautifully decorated to enhance the theme.

It was also an evening of reward for some as the Chamber awarded individuals and businesses for all they do to give back to the community they love, Bastrop.

This year’s recipients are Teri Costlow and Rosie Lopez who started the charitable, non-profit organizations, Comfort Café and Serenity Star Recovery Resource Center, Ann Tankersley, the original volunteer for the Bastrop Visitor’s Center and Rick Gullikson, the unsung hero of so many organizations that he gave his time and talents to in this technical world.

Terri Costlow and Rosie Lopez followed their star and faith in God. They sold their worldly possessions to help others, to build a safe place for the suffering, a place to feed the hungry, and a home to heal for the spiritually sick, the traumatized, and the addicted. They fed the volunteers who fought the fires when our community had burned in 2011. They’ve never asked for anything in return, but relied on the generosity of others who shared this vision of healing for our community. They started their charitable, non-profit organizations, Comfort Cafe and SerenityStar Recovery Resource Center in 2009. Since then they have touched the lives of thousands of individuals and families. They have left an indelible mark of hope, healing, and integrity upon our community.

Today, the building continues. SerenityStar and Comfort Cafe sponsors a Women’s Transformational Living Program, a Men’s Transformational Living Program, and a Family Transformational Living Program in addition to running the First Street Wellness Center in Smithville and the SerenityStar Ranch in Smithville. They even operate a rescue center for dogs called Serenity Paws and are training them as service dogs! Even pets can be rehabilitated and returned as productive members of society! No one who is willing to change has ever been turned away from SerenityStar. No one! It is a charitable organization and a donation-only operation. Their motto is simple; “Trust God” and He will bring the people and the funds to continue His work…


From darkness to light, the story of Smithville’s SerenityStar Recovery

September  15, 2016

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Serenity Star, Comfort Café in Smithville to expand, up offerings

August 01, 2017

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Comfort Cafe in Smithville helps pave the road to recovery

December  07, 2018

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Serenity Star: A Different Model of Sober Living

October 2020

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Comfort Cafe Offers Support With A Purpose

December 2020

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What's Up South Texas?: The Comfort Cafe and Serenity Star helps those struggling with addiction

September 27, 2020

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Neighborhood Eats: Comfort Cafe SA serves food, new lease on life

February 20, 2020

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Texas Recovery Center Reopening Cafe After Closing During Pandemic

April 15, 2020

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COVID-19 crisis having major impact on local addiction recovery center

July 20, 2020

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5 unexpected San Antonio-area restaurants with great huevos rancheros: Birotes Restaurant, Comal County Tacos, Comfort Cafe, Mendez Cafe, Tia’s Taco Hut

January 14, 2021

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Below are two music videos we've made ourselves. The first, "Find Self Love" (2014), features SerenityStar residents, sign language and the song "Home" by Philip Philips. The second, "Dreams" (2016), is an original piece written and produced by the SerenityStar cast and crew. Enjoy!

Group Picture With Director And Producer Greg Williams (Anonymous People)