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December 7, 2018

Comfort Cafe in Smithville helps pave the road to recovery 


You notice the eye contact when you first enter the Comfort Cafe in downtown Smithville. The affable host, the bussers hustling from the kitchen, the servers toting trays of fluffy pancakes and steaming mugs of coffee to the dozen or so tables: Everyone welcomes you with smiling eyes casting for humanity.


It is an act of revelation and connection...


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From the Austin American-Statesman

August 9, 2017

Serenity Star, Comfort Café in Smithville to expand, up offerings

     The Serenity Star treatment center and its sister business, the Comfort Cafe, which serves donation-based breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends, has operated on First Street in Smithville nearly a decade. In that time, its ever-expanding operations have been squeezed onto one small city block despite an influx of clients seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

     Now, after a donation from the Smithville Hospital Authority, the center will have space for an additional 40 clients after its womens and family programs relocate to a ranch on...

From the Austin American-Statesman

September 16, 2016

From Darkness to Light, the story of Smithville’s SerenityStar Recovery

New Year's Eve 2015 Ryan McDonald took a handful of pills in his parent's house and laid down to die. A father of two, he'd been in and out of drug treatment centers most his life and decided that day that sobriety wasn't something he could have.


For McDonald, like many others, the path to healing is crammed with darkness.


McDonald didn't die that day. He woke up in his home and asked for help...

From the Bastrop News

February 20, 2015

The Bastrop Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Banquet

"Teri Costlow & Rosie Lopez receive "Points of Light" awards, which are given to honor an individual(s) whose impact through the years will be recognized and regarded with pride throughout the area as a role model...

...Teri Costlow and Rosie Lopez followed their star and faith in God. They sold their worldly possessions to help others, to build a safe place for the suffering, a place to feed the hungry, and a home to heal for the spiritually sick, the traumatized, and the addicted...

From Texas Coop Power Magazine

September, 2013

Nourishment for Body and Soul

When Teri Costlow and Rosie Lopez packed up Costlow’s Suzuki SUV in December 2005 to leave Long Island, New York, for Smithville, the information that they had was scant. Costlow’s mom had an online acquaintance who lived in Smithville and liked it.

And if the view ahead was iffy, so was the one in the rearview mirror... 


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Below are two music videos we've made ourselves. The first, "Find Self Love" (2014), features SerenityStar residents, sign language and the song "Home" by Philip Philips. The second, "Dreams" (2016), is an original piece written and produced by the SerenityStar cast and crew. Enjoy!

Group Picture With Director And Producer Greg Williams (Anonymous People)

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