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        New Earth recovery is about the evolution of humanity as it pertains to addiction. The old models will no longer provide food for the soul or a way of healing the old wounds we have accumulated over time. To fill this need, Serenity Star has developed a new model of recovery based on the simplicity of the 12 steps and incorporating a spiritual program that can be utilized within a 12 step model. We are all feeling the shift on our planet. It's time for us to honor this knowledge and help bring Earth to a new level of vibration.


Serenity Star's mission is to provide a safe, sober & spiritual environment for families to recover from their addictions. At Serenity, we believe that families have a right to heal together.​​​


​Our belief is that addiction is only a way of fin​ding our path & purpose, leading us to our essence. There is no guilt in it. There is no shame in it. Moving from our addiction through to our recovery, we can rediscover our spirit and reason for being born. This is the true purpose in addictions & recovery- to help us discover who we really are, and to help us remember and awaken the soul.


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